Part 2 of the Capstone Project

In this portion of the project, you will revise and add to Part 1 of the capstone project with a LaTeX bibliography and more:

Modify LaTex code for Part 2 templatebib.tex   (PDF version) in OverLeaf or other LaTeX Software as you
  1. Fix any symbolic issues (left quotations must face the correct direction), spelling errors, etc., and work on professional mathematical formatting and style.
    If you didn't turn in prior work, that needs to be turned in back under its own due date.
  2. Add refereed and scholarly sources as you begin your bibliography and in-text citations inside the template for part 2. Notice that references are numbered in LaTeX using the bibliography code (see the template and let me know if you need help) and are listed alphabetically by the first author's last name. Be sure to use the correct symbols. You can review finding and evaluating quality sources.

Jill Harness, The Credible Hulk