William C Bauldry, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
305 Walker Hall
Dep't of Mathematical Sciences
Appalachian State University
121 Bodenheimer Dr
PO Box 32092
Boone, NC     28608-2092

Email: BauldryWC@appstate.edu
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Hiking on the Great Wall of China, Dec., 2005
(Metaphoto: Photo by M Pendergrass of L Lunsford
taking photo of B Bauldry)
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Introduction to Real Analysis
An Educational Approach

Published July, 2009, J Wiley & Sons.

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My other books:
Calculus: Mathematics
and Modeling
Calculus Projects
with Maple 
Linear Algebra
with Maple 
Live webcam of the High Country at Canyons Restaurant, Blowing Rock, NC.
(Less than 15 miles from my office.)

"A mathematician is a device
for turning coffee into theorems"
- Paul Erdos (1913 - 1996)

A quote he often quoted from Alfred Renyi.

"Think deeply of simple things."
- Arnold Ross (1906 - 2002)