William C Bauldry, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
& Adjunct Research Professor
305 Walker Hall
Dep't of Mathematical Sciences
Appalachian State University
121 Bodenheimer Dr
PO Box 32092
Boone, NC     28608-2092

Email: BauldryWC@appstate.edu
Phone: +1.828. 278-9355 Google voice
+1.828. 262-2864 Office
+1.828. 262-3050 Dep't
+1.828. 265-8617 FAX
Hiking on the Great Wall of China, Dec., 2005
(Metaphoto: Photo by M Pendergrass of L Lunsford
taking photo of B Bauldry)
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Advanced Problem Solving with Maple
A First Course

William P. Fox and William C. Bauldry

Published August, 2019, CRC Press.

Introduction to Real Analysis
An Educational Approach

Published July, 2009, J Wiley & Sons.

Reviewed by:

My other books:
Calculus: Mathematics
and Modeling
Calculus Projects
with Maple 
Linear Algebra
with Maple 

"A mathematician is a device
for turning coffee into theorems"
- Paul Erdos (1913 - 1996)

A quote he often quoted from Alfred Renyi.

"Think deeply of simple things."
- Arnold Ross (1906 - 2002)