Dr. Sarah's Math 5530 Web Page - Spring 2010: Topics in Non-Euclidean Geometry
Yadkin Center of Surry CC 224 Wednesdays 6-8:30pm EXCEPT March 17th and April 7

The SCC Yadkin Center is located in Yadkinville on Highway 601, approximately 3 miles north of Highway 421.

In what ways do the spaces we see in everyday life satisfy (and do not satisfy) the geometric laws and axioms of Euclidean geometry that we learn and teach in middle grades and high school classrooms? In this course we will explore spaces such as a tree trunk, ice cream cone, basketball, donut, coral reefs, Yoda from Star Wars, the world of taxi-cab drivers, Pac-Man's game, artistic works, and our universe via hands-on activities, computer explorations, theory, computations, axioms, applications, historical perspectives and pedagogical discussions. In this context we will understand Euclidean geometry at a much deeper level. Pre-requisite: Undergraduate calculus sequence with analytic geometry or permission of the instructor