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  • Syllabus and Grading Policies


        WORK DUE at the beginning of class or lab unless otherwise noted! Be sure to follow the Proof-Writing Samples and the Proof-Writing Checklist
    April 30 - Mon
      Final Project Presentations from 12-2:30 in 309 (as we agreed upon in class - we have permission from the dean's office). Your presentation, presentation notes/slides, and a separate final list of annotated references are due. If you are a graduate student, your written report is also due.
    April 27 - Fri
      Your preliminary organizational plan is due to the WebCT bulletin board and I will respond to your message with comments and suggestions for improvement.
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    April 24 - Tues
    April 12 - Thur
    April 3 - Tues
    Mar 27 - Tues
    March 22 - Thur
      Reflect on your oral presentations via a self-evaluation that addresses the criterion mentioned in Oral test 2

    March 20 - Tues
    March 8 - Thur
      Take a try of WebCT quiz 2.

    March 6 - Tues
    Feb 22 - Thur
      Reflect on your oral presentations via a self-evaluation. What are aspects of your presentations that went especially well? How about aspects that could use improvement? Type up your reflections and also give yourself a grade.
    Feb 20 - Tues
    Feb 15 - Thur
      Take a try of the WebCT quiz
    Feb 13 - Tues
    Jan 30 - Tues
    Jan 16 - Tues
    • Read Munkres 1.1 carefully and write down any questions you have.
    • Choose 2 portions of problems to work on (ie like 2a and 5c) from Munkres (Exercises 1.1 p. 14-15). Be prepared to present your work in class.
    • Research the web for some information about the Euler characteristic. Explain why it is called a topological invariant instead of a geometric invariant, and give examples of the Euler characteristic of specific objects. Be sure to give proper reference.
    • (Graduate Problem) No path can be found between the seven Konigsberg (now Kaliningrad, in Russia) bridges, since this is exactly what Euler proved. Search on the web or in a library, find useful references, and briefly summarize why no such path can be found. Be sure to give proper reference.
    Jan 11 - Thur
    • Read through the online syllabus from the main web page and write down any questions you have.
    • Begin working on homework for Tuesday.