High Dimensional Vector Spaces and The Medical Field of Today


         Throughout history there have been numerous technological advances in the medical field.  Some so minute that we donıt even know about them, others that have changed the entire medical field at the blink of an eye.  The applications of higher dimensional vector spaces have helped doctors diagnose breast cancer and heart disease.  Vector spaces help doctors figure out if a lump found in a womanıs breast is benign or malignant.  Diagnosing heart disease in someone has also started using the application of vector spaces. 

Since the use of vector space was introduced into the medical field there have been several technological advances, which will also be discussed in further detail throughout the project.  Thus we will view all of the ways that doctors have used vector spaces, and how it has progressed since first introduced, and some of the technological advances that have also been introduced.












Geometry At Work; Geometry in Learning

         By Kristin P. Bennett and Erin J. Brendensteiner