Life by the Numbers

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Seeing is Believing video: Modern artists and mathematicians are trying to grapple with the 4th physical dimension. Mathematics helps define space and helps present visions of our world to us.
Shape of the World video: Viewers see how mathematics has become a tool to explore the heavens as the cosmos is charted.

The people in the video:
Actor Danny Glover: Narrator
Art Historian Linda Henderson
Artist Pablo Picasso
Mathematician Dufret
Mathematician Tom Banchoff
Artist Tony Robbin
Astrophysicist Rob Kirshner
Mathematician Robert Osserman
Physicist Albert Einstein
Mathematician George Riemann
Mathematician Jeff Weeks

  1. How do people in the video talk about, explore or represent higher dimensions (analogies, visual representations...)? Be specific - for instance - Henderson uses x-rays and invisible realities as an analogy...

  2. What are ways that the researchers explore the geometry of the universe? Also list any experiments in detail.