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Pi Mu Epsilon is an Honor Society dedicated to the promotion of student scholarly activity in mathematics and the recognition of students who successfully pursue mathematical understanding. The Eta chapter was founded at Appalachian State University in 1976.

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Faculty Advisors: Jill Thomley and Sarah Greenwald


2017-2018 Undergraduate Students: Ryan Hadenfeld, Catherine Lattimore, Sydney Singleton, and Jennifer Stevenson

2017 Graduate Students: Jaehee K. Post and James Kevin Winfree

2016-2017 Undergraduate Students: Brianna Bentley and Emily Connor

2015-2016 Induction for Undergrads: Lee A. Fisher, Nadine Lambert, Elisabeth Moore, Kathryn Poslusny, Huy Quang Tu, and Kelsey Vanek

2015 Graduate Students: Ralph Elie Chikhany, Noah Avery Hughes, Matthew Dolan Jobrack, and (Samuel) Luke Tunstall

2014-2015 Undergraduate Students: Stacey Eugene Burchette, Amber Hazelwood, and Rebecca Alise Overcash
Dr. Vicky Klima: We have decided to honor Dr. Klima at this time in order to publicly recognize her long-term service as honors coordinator along with the impressive number of student scholarly projects she has supervised. We applaud her efforts to encourage student scholarly activity in the department.

2013-2014 Induction: Ashley Marie Bandy, Thomas A. Cook, Christopher James Forbis, Noah Avery Hughes, Antony-James Kern, Thomas Lynch, Adam M. Reeder, and Tracy Ann Taylor.

2012-2013 Induction: Amanda Lynn Davis, Meredith Branham, Caleb Edward, Jonathan Pope Ivey, and Claire Wolfe.

2010-2011 Induction: William Tyler Bradley, Isaac Samuel Bryan, Zachary Aaron Bryan, Lindsay Victoria Burns, Jeremiah A. Coleman, Kerri P. Craven, Hannah Brooke Everhart, Briana Marie Fiegen, Amy Christine Grady, Natalie S. Martin, Jesse Everette Mims, Timothy Darrell Shatley, Matthew Blaine Tysinger

2009-2010 Induction: Alana Miel Baird, Rachel Eskridge, Kristen Eure, Kristen Johnson, Kimberly Diane Mikeal, Jessica Miller, Cayce Brook Poindexter, Katherine Elizabeth Powers, Andy Mack (Trey) Royall III, Misty Annette Silver, Hannah Smith, Jennifer Anne Tabat, Caitlin Thomas Williams, Grady Lee Withers.

2008-2009 Induction: Thomas Thornton Grant, John B. Grubb, Victoria Michelle Hayes, Susanna James, Stephen C. Loftus, Jason Pearson, Jacob Wandler, and William Field Wood.

2007-2008 Induction: Abigail C. Bishop and Audrey Marie Fowler

2005-2006 Induction: Emily Calhoun, Lindsey Everhart, Jennifer Farrell, Thomas Hefner, Mitchell Jareo IV, Shirley Law, and Remi Wingo
Dr. Jeff Hirst: While Pi Mu Epsilon memberships have only been awarded to Appalachian students previously, we have decided to honor Jeff Hirst at this time in order to publicly recognize his longterm service as honors coordinator along with the impressive number of student theses he has supervised and mathematical papers he has published. We applaud Jeff's efforts to encourage student scholarly activity in the department.

2003-2004 Induction: John David Foley, Wendy Anne Lewis, Katie Louise Booth, Kevin C. White, Jeremiah F. Hallstrom, Amanda Jo Poteet, John D. Ferguson, Jr., Eleanor McNair Abernethy, and Brent W. Woodruff

2002 Induction: Amber L. Constant, Jonathan E. Daniel, Andrew R. Porterfield, Shannon D. Pruitt, Timothy R. Racz, and Karen Y. Shelton

2001 Induction: Brooke H. Cranswick, Erika E. Denison, Melanie J. Edens, Jenna L. Fariss, Sylvia L. Lanier, and Alan T. Marion

2004 Induction Ceremony

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